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For most people, apart from your family home, superannuation is your biggest asset. It therefore needs to be specifically dealt with by someone who knows about this complex area of the law.

You need to know about how to include superannuation as part of the structuring of your assets or part of your business wherever you can. There are though more traps in this area than almost any other area of the law. This can make superannuation planning daunting, and sometimes overwhelming. We can help you to set things right and, in conjunction with your accountant, optimise your structuring. Our knowledge and experience in the areas of superannuation, tax, duty, asset protection and estate planning, mean we have the expertise to get it right when it really counts.

We understand that superannuation is an important part of any asset structure and we provide advice which is tailored to suit you. Whether you want to plan for the ideal way to access your superannuation, pass it on to the next generation or get more out of your super via a self managed super fund, we can advise you of your options, to ensure you’re achieving the best outcome for all the hard work you’ve already done.