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We understand that when you run a pharmacy business you face a range of unique obstacles, challenges and opportunities. It takes a specialist in the area to understand how to harness these opportunities and foresee obstacles which others might overlook.

As a business which looks after the interests of more than 40 pharmacy owners, we know what you need from us. Make the most of our experience and contacts within the pharmacy industry.

We regularly deal with the legal implications of establishing pharmacies, relocations and everyday operations. Whether you run a long standing pharmacy, are setting up a new one, run a single pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies, Thornton Legal can advise you on how to protect and enhance the success of your pharmacy.

Whether you need to negotiate a new lease and the landlord wants to charge you turnover rent - which it cannot do - or are looking to navigate your way through the ACPA pharmacy location rules, you can benefit from our experience.

Talk to our friendly team today about how we can help your pharmacy be the best it can be.