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Personal Wills & Estates

What ever stage of life you’re in, you never know what the future holds and should plan accordingly, to ensure that your loved ones are accommodated in any event. 

You’ve worked hard to earn what you have, so to avoid your assets being distributed into the hands of anybody but those you intend, it is essential to seek appropriate legal guidance.

Thornton Legal can advise you on a wide range of services such as wills, power of attorney, enduring powers of attorney, estate planning, asset protection and more. For genuine advice and comprehensive protection, speak to the team at Thornton Legal and ensure your assets are protected both now and when you pass them on.

Your intended beneficiaries / loved ones will appreciate the effort you make now to secure their future.

For specific information on wills, estate administration, estate disputes and superannuation, please read more on this website or contact the team at Thornton Legal to discuss your plans and options.