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Leasing is possibly one of the least understood areas of property law, but it’s also one of the most important so it’s essential – whether you are a landlord or a tenant- that you have the best legal advice possible.


If you are a landlord you want a lease to be prepared efficiently and cost-effectively. You also want to know the lease properly protects you but is also reasonable and fair, and complies with relevant legislation and legal disclosure obligations. In that way the process is as efficient and straightforward for you as possible.  You need leasing services which are geared to your wishes.


As a tenant you want someone to find those potential pitfalls or problems which might be lurking in the lease you are intending to sign.

Tenants need to know they are not falling into any traps and avoid any unfair lease terms. You need someone with the keen eye and legal experience necessary to help you find practical compromises or solutions to any issues. The lease you sign must reflect exactly what you have agreed.

Above all you need lawyers who can carefully prepare and review a lease for you, give you a summary of your key obligations and help you check that every detail of the deal is as you agreed.

Whether you are a landlord or a tenant, we are well placed to assist you.

We promise to deliver the right solutions for your property needs.