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Everything for business

Running a busines can sometimes feel like you are juggling a thousand issues at once.  It can be very easy to miss important details.  You need to know there is someone who knows about business and knows about the legal issues you face. 

Whether you need help with a problem which has "caught you by surprise" or are keen to ensure you stay ahead of a particular problem you see on the horizon, we are there to offer you practical solutions.  We can pro-actively lead you toward a solution before the problem arises or can offer you our wisdom and advice on how to get out of a tricky situation.  Wherever you might be, let us help you to stay ahead.

If you are already facing a legal challenge in your business, we can advise you on the best, and most practical, approach to dealing with the challenge as swiftly, efficiently and cost efiectively as possible.

It is often the things you don’t consider in day to day business which can cause the biggest issues if not addressed; the "what ifs".

Am I prepared for what might happen if my business partner dies or can't continue in the business?

What rights will I have if my customer doesn't pay my tax invoice on time? 

What can my landlord do if I fall behind with my rent?

What if my landlord won't fix the building?

These are but a few examples of issues you may face and which we can assist you to navigate, whether because you're facing the issue now, or you want to try to avoid it in the future.

Whether you are dealing with your landlord, staff, debtors or suppliers, expanding or introducing a new partner, or any other aspect of your business, Thornton Legal can help you; from the day you first decide to go into business until day you exit the business . . . and beyond.

Talk to Thornton Legal about your general business needs (whether you have an existing issue or want to avoid those you might not yet see coming), and enjoy the support of an expert looking out for the wellbeing of your business and ultimately saving you stress and money.