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Estate Disputes

It is no surprise to anyone to say that disputes involving wills are increasing. With more and more blended and fractured families there inevitably comes a greater prospect of disputation.

Disappointed relatives are left out of a will, willmakers are living longer and their capacity to make a will is more often called into question. This all leads to greater uncertainty and concern for all involved.

Whatever the scenario, if you believe a will is unfair or may not be vaild, or if you are the executor or administrator of such a will, you are likely to need expert leagl help. You need to fully understand the options available to you, so that you can decide how to best deal with the scenario you face.

Our staff have been dealing with will disputes regularly for more than 20 years. Most commonly they take the form of either:

  • a family provision application;
  • a solemn form probate claim involving the validity of a will; or
  • a contest about the interpretation of a will.

These are most often stressful and exhausting for those involved but we can assist you to navigate the path toward a practical solution.

Thankfully, many estate disputes are resolved by negotiation or mediation. Getting your matter prepared and ready for that process though is critical to your pospects of successfully negotiating a good outcome. We know those processes and know how to get your matter ready for trial if the need arises.

If you do intend to challenge a will, ceratin key time limits apply. You need to talk to lawyer at the earliest opportunity to avoid breaching those time limits.

Whether you’d like to challenge a will, or defend a will which is being disputed by others, speak to us about the best solution to suit your needs and uphold your rights.