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There’s a lot more to conveyancing than many people may realise so it’s important to remember we don’t treat conveyancing as a ‘one size fits all’ service. Every client is unique and every client’s needs require a personal, individual approach.

The public perception of conveyancing revolves around buying or selling a house, but that’s just one aspect of it.

As well as buying and selling houses, conveyancing work embraces transactions for town houses, units, commercial property developments and vacant land.

A client needs to know they are protected through every stage of the transaction with tailored legal services.

We bring more than two decades of expertise to help you achieve the desired outcome for your conveyancing needs.

Our Conveyancing Manager, Annette Gulle, has over twenty years' experience in Queensland conveyancing and we invite you to contact her on 5532 3414 or email ( to discuss your property and conveyancing requirements.

We promise to deliver the right solutions for your property needs.