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Business Succession

Whether you are looking to sell your business, pass control to a family member, or anticipate a business partner is moving on, you need to plan ahead.  Whether that day is one month or many years away, you need to put plans in place to maximise the success of this process and preserve the value of your business.

Let us help you prepare your business for this transition.

Maybe your plan is to stay in your business until you die.  Even if that is not your plan, you need to think about what might happen if you were to unexpectedly die whilst you own or control the business.  Who will know the next step to take? Will staff get paid? Who will take over your role? Who can access bank accounts?  Where should your family go for help?

All these are issues which you can address in advance and then rest assured there is a plan for the unexpected.  Talk to us about the process we can guide you through to prepare a thorough and detailed succession plan - a "will" if you like - for your business.

Speak to Thornton Legal to ensure your business plans for long term success.