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Business Law Specialists

Whether establishing a new business or running an existing business venture, one of the most important resources you will ever need is a reliable business legal advisor.

Thornton Legal’s priority for business clients is to protect you if you encounter major obstacles and help you navigate everyday business matters.

Our services cover a wide range of fields, whether you are dealing with landlords, debtors, suppliers, expanding, introducing a new partner, considering exiting the business,  Thornton Legal can help you at every steps.

We recognise that there are several key stages in business where you will need legal assistance, and it could greatly help your business by having a regular meeting with a specialist business lawyer.

By regularly updating us of your business goals, we can pro-actively advise you of how to avoid potential issues which could save you time and money.

Talk to us about your general business needs (whether you have an existing issue or want to avoid unexpected traps). We are here to offer you practical and sensible, "real world" solutions.