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Business Disputes

When you want a law firm which offers practical, cost effective and experienced solutions to suit your commercial objectives (not the law firm’s), speak to Thornton Legal. Having to deal with disputes can take great energy and will distract you from achieving your business goals. You need a reliable and sensible partner to guide you out of the maze and help you focus on solutions, unaffected by the inevitable emotional issues which invariably interfere at stressful times.

Whether your dispute is with a business partner, fellow shareholders, customers or a Government department, you need someone in your corner.

The last thing you want is to have to throw lots of time, money and stress at the situation. You need someone who can objectively assess your position and give you a clear outline of your options. We have been doing that for our business clients for many years.

Wherever practical, we encourage clients to see the "bigger picture" and help them to search for commercially sensible outcomes, through negotiation or mediation, if practical. Our aim is to seek to resolve disputes swiftly and cost effectively. Our aim is to convert your dispute from being a problem to a quantifiable expense. That way you get greater certainty and earlier closure, allowing you to get back to business.

Our belief is that a fast (positive) solution to a commercial legal dispute allows you to get back to running your business and back on track to success. While we have the strength to take an aggressive approach and fight the complex battles where necessary, our preference, where possible, is not to drag you through a long, expensive fight if it can be avoided.

If however, you do face a challenging scenario, where only a hard line will force a result, you can rest assured we will fight for your rights. Our track record speaks for itself.